Day 2 – Roma

We switched to another hotel. With age, there are things that you better realise:

  • life is too short to bother with situation you don’t like
  • when you’re wrong, you’re wrong! accept it and move on
  • realise what went wrong and don’t repeat it

We booked another room in a different hotel nearby we could visit and moved out from the other within 30 minutes.

So we decided to pay our dues to be tourists in Rome, but even in this time of year, it’s OVER crowded everywhere.

The coliseum, the fontana di trevi, just can’t stand having to slalom amongst groups of tourist to progress 50 meters. I started to read a few days ago Dante’s « Divine Comedy » to get into the classical Italian mood, and realised that this should be in the very lower circles of hell.

Day 2 - Roma

Again learn your lesson and move on.

We ended with an attraction we were really looking forward, the Virtual Reality bus that goes around from the Piazza di Venezia around the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus. That was mesmerizing, really a cool and incredible experience.

We walked a lot today, so we decided to go directly to the hotel. The way back was a bit difficult, impossible to find a taxi and navigating the roman public transportation is not something you can master quickly.

We finally made it and decided from the top of our wisdom not to push it too much at the beginning of our trip. Room service and a soothing bath. We finally got a room for our old posh standards…

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