Day 4 – Pompeii

When we started talking about going to Italy, Pompeii and Herculaneum were the initial sites we wanted to visit.

So this morning we got the car back from the parking and headed towards Pompeii. I LOVE the driving in Napoli! Jackie could stay here a week for the food, I would stay as long for the driving. I wonder how they teaching it to beginners, but there is a lot of faith in the other occupants of the road in the way they drive, alongside with a carelessness and a feeling of invulnerability. You can hear from time to time through an open car window someone shouting niceties such as « collione » or «  stronzo » to signify a difference of opinion.

When visiting archeological sites, it is very important to be accompanied by a qualified guide, as the ruins and stones won’t explain themselves with words. From our previous experiences, we tend to prefer person with a history of art background and not just archeology. We booked the time from our guide way in advance (almost a month) as we wanted to have all the chances on our side to have a great visit.

We met with Anna at the entrance of Pompeii, and she quickly organised the logistics for a successful visit. As I said, visiting a site such as Pompeii can be all sorts of different experiences depending on who is explaining and sharing their knowledge with you. We were lucky again and had a truly interesting and entertaining tour of the site with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Anna. Her words conveyed her passion for the history of the people and the region, and we could relive the life of the citizens of Pompeii prior to the catastrophe.

Day 4 - Pompeii

We used the motorway to go to Pompeii, so we decided to use the national road to go back to Napoli. The road is mostly paved and is unequal to say the least. We wanted to have pizze for lunch as it would be a crime if we didn’t. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo is a Michelin rated Pizzeria (I didn’t check it, but probably the only one) and possibly  the cheapest of the famous culinary guide.

Day 4 - Pompeii

The pizze are mouth watering just by their sight, and incredibly tasty

Day 4 - Pompeii

We walked a bit around the historic city center and saw the Catedrale di Santa Maria Assunta and the Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore. Wandering around the narrow streets took us to the Nativity Scene alley. Napolitans are world famous for having gigantic ones and you can find whatever is needed for the most committed builder.

Day 4 - Pompeii

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