Eden Beach & Coral Restoration training

Starting my Coral Restoration specialty with Linda (Wanna Dive) at the Eden Beach.
We start with a bit of snorkeling around the deck, there are a lot of different fishes around here, and they’re not scared. It’s almost like we could cuddle with them.

The coral trees are just a few meters off the shore at around 4 meters deep. Before getting there, I spotted few blennies (I love those guys) so couldn’t resist a quick picture.

Blenny on a sponge

The trees require to be cleaned with brushes and pads, and some remove some unwanted fire coral in order to leave the nutriments for the Staghorn and Elkhorn corals that re grown here. It’s quite a work, in about an hour I manage to clean approximately one third of a tree as it requires delicate and thorough cleaning.

On our way back, a scorpionfish hiding under a rock caught my eye.


We left the beach as the sun was setting.

Sunset on Klein Bonaire

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