Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire
No Name beach on Klein Bonaire

The trip to Klein Bonaire is very short and easy, there is two water taxis that propose daily crossing. We chose to go with Epic Water taxi for two reasons: the boat is much smaller and less crowded and arrives 15 minutes on Klein Bonaire.
We have as well decided to go today as we knew there weren’t any cruise ship mooring on Bonaire; a lot of the people cruising go to Klein Bonaire, and the No Name Beach is not big.

Klein Bonaire
No Name beach free of cruise ship day hoppers

We had a clear explanation of what is allowed and what not to do, especially in regard to the coral reef. It really needs to be protected as we can see how many has died around here.
The snorkelling is great. We found a very diverse and abundant marine life around here.

Klein Bonaire
Gorgeous reef of Klein Bonaire

But there is a sad reality: the coral here is not doing well at all, and sand beaches like this that may attract too many tourists can suffer a lot. One of the things that kill them is the sunscreen. If you use any type that contains oxybenzone or octinoxate (and sadly all sort of other component), they get diluted in the water and will kill the corals rapidly. One of the best ways to protect yourselves from the sun is to use UV protective clothing, there are some now that goes up to SPF 50.

Klein Bonaire
The coral is dying in many places around Bonaire

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