The south and south-east of Bonaire

The historical business of Bonaire can be found at the south of the island where the Salt pans are located. When you’re there, the feeling of the sun and the wind makes it a really obvious place to develop such production. Along the coast, there are the remains of the slave huts when the commerce started in the 17th century, they are very tiny, and you can’t even stand in there.
Despite the harsh history of the borough, the view of the surroundings with the different pans is staggering. You can see the various stages of the evaporation of the water and the concentration of the salt through the colors blue, turquoise, marron and finally pink, before the salt is extracted.

The ocean on the left, the last stage of salt concentration in the pond

The sun is so hot, that despite the really strong wind you still feel very hot. We look for a place to go snorkel and swim, but in fact the beaches are not really friendly for beaching: we realise that there aren’t any long sandy beaches on Bonaire. We get our masks and snorkels and get into the water  at Red Beryl . Down here, we did not find that much fishes, but we met with a lonely but photogenic barracuda.

Small lonely barracuda

We continue our drive going south east towards Sorobon. We get to the windsurfing area of Bonaire. We get lunch there and end our day on the sunbeds beers and cocktails.

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